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A great pleasure and in celebration – portrait commission unveiling.

It was wonderful to attend the unveiling of Candace’s Portrait Commission…

Portrait Commission Unveiling

Gifted an oil sketch to be painted from life as a present for her birthday. The whole process has been an absolutely joy! Genuine and interesting.  Candace was a star sitter.  Intelligent, giving and a lovely lady (with a great sense of humour). We got on so well and made a great team – I love the opportunity to work closely with the subject to create a portrait they will love forever.

The unveiling took place over a weekend in September in front of Candace’s family and friends. I was so lucky to be a part of that marvellous event

celebrating.  The portrait was so well received, I am so happy!

Portrait of Candace by British Portrait Painter

See the piece in full here: Commissions Gallery

I thrive on…

The parts of portraiture I really thrive on:

  • getting to know someone well enough in a short amount of time (there’s so much skill in this) in order to portray their character as much as a likeness.
  • experimenting with those materials – every portrait is an opportunity to push myself and the paint.
  • making new friends – a portrait is so personally you do have a long-term/lifelong connection to the sitter and that is just beautiful.

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Hannah Ostapjuk, British Portrait Painter & British Portrait Artist working and living in Yorkshire, UK.

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