I am always on the lookout for quality websites on which to publicise my art.  There’s a fine line between the idea of getting your work in as many places as possible to reach a wider audience, increase interest and sales Hunter Davies - acrylic on canvas, 2009and actually harming sales because you are cropping up in places associated with lesser talent or lower priced work.   Consequently, I highlight the fact that the places I put my oil paintings have to have some level of superiority because this quality is shown throughout my portraits and therefore they deserve only to be placed in an arena matching or increasing this eminence.

On that note, I came across SAATCHI ONLINE which at first appears to be like any other art website: you create a log-in and can upload anything you want, wrong, the Saatchi team actually approve (or refuse) work on its quality, propriety in terms of their image, etc.

As you can imagine, I am pleased to be able to say my portrait painting can now be found displayed and for sale on: http://www.saatchionline.com/HannahOstapjuk

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