Yorkshire Artist and British Portrait Painter unveils A Portrait of Elizabeth

One of the most difficult, yet rewarding, parts of being a portrait artist is painting a loved one as their loved ones see them. I not only need to capture a likeness and their character as I see them but their very being as seen, loved and cherished by their nearest and dearest – a daunting task. It both thrills and terrifies me – and that’s why I keep at it.

Yorkshire Artist and British Portrait Painter, A Portrait of Elizabeth

After a personal unveiling, thankfully the client loved the portrait of his dear wife, I received the most beautiful message:
“Each day I look at the oil painting and notice more detail that perfectly reflects my memories of Liz’s personality.”

When someone loves their commissioned portrait as much as I loved creating it – that is the best feeling in the world.

Working from Photographs and Imagination

I corrected the skin tones (the photos had aged slightly, and the skin tones purple and yellow over time). Added the personal touch of the tartan scarf. Elizabeth wasn’t actually wearing a scarf, we added that at the request of the client – grateful of their excellent research in tracking down the right tartan. I was previously unaware of the fact that each Scottish clan has a different tartan. Awesome right? Portraiture knows no bounds, there is always an opportunity to learn.

See this portrait in full: Yorkshire Artist and British Portrait Painter Gallery

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