Yorkshire Artist and Portrait Painter – Catching Up with You All…

Just back from a great studio session and thought I better finish this update that I started two weeks ago.

Over the last few months…

An oil painting of a summer day enjoying and exploring the English countryside. Progress on the figure painting of the girls by the river. It’s going well! Loving creating this piece. Yorkshire Artist and Portrait Painter - Girls English Countryside

Watch me painting this: Instagram or Facebook (you don’t have to have an account on either to watch).

“Sometimes, it’s not what you paint but that you paint” – while unwell I madeen plein air painting quick oil sketches en plein air. This was a very quick one taking just 15 mins, oil on unprepared paper, and at the time it completely wiped me out. It’s not my best but it didn’t need to be. It got me outside and was a thoroughly enjoyable moment.

It is this process and idea I use in my teaching, everyone should feel confident enough to grab a sketchbook and pencil and draw; whatever they like, whenever they like. No pressure of perfection or judgment. And it does your memory the world of good scientists have proved.

Continual practice…

Portrait Artist YorkshireContinually practicing painting from life, proud of this 1.5 hour self portrait sketch.  It’s the most I’ve gotten done in 1.5 hrs. Changing exercises. Pushing one’s skills. Oil portrait sketches and short sittings help improve my ability to gain accuracy quickly… Don’t get me wrong, I am never going to drop the large portraits on which I spend sometimes 2-3 years but it’s handy to be able to do a range of artworks.


Portraits for NHS Heroes - BLUEBELL

Celebrated 73 years of the NHS this year, a wonderful opportunity to remember and be thankful.  Also a chance for me to look upon this portrait once again, I loved creating this painting so much.

Oil portrait of ‘Bluebell’, oil on canvas, 2020 painted as part of the global exhibition Portraits for NHS Heroes, a project initiated by Sir Tom Croft.

My portrait painting was selected to feature in Healthcare Heroes Google Arts Exhibition and can be found in the Portraits for NHS Heroes book by Bloomsbury Publishing.

Click image opposite to view full size portrait in my paintings gallery.

…in previous Yorkshire artist and portrait painter news: Bluebell, Google, The Book


I bring this latest update to a close with a last look at the progress I am making on the official portrait of Mr Steven Bartlett: WATCH


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