As an artist I welcome other artists, art students, or teachers, to contact me for help or advice regarding painting and the general practice of an artist.  Having gone through school and university myself and finding few willing to offer guidance; I decided to make it my duty to help others wherever possible.

This past year in particular I have received many emails from art students, trainee art teachers, and artist alike wanting to study my work or asking for advice on oil painting.  It is an honour to receive such requests as not so long ago I was studying artists for my degree and now, only three years later, for art students to be studying my work is such a privilege and, I think, gives me a level of notability as an artist which is fantastic.

Here is a tonal study of my commission Wedding Portrait, by A-Level student Louise Grimley.

Hannah Ostapjuk Artist A-Level Student LouiseResizeWedding

Superb job Louise! Thank you for studying my portraits and sharing your work.  Good luck with your A-Levels.

If you are reading this and thinking of getting in touch please do so.  My general offer to those wishing to study my work is: if you can get to my studio you are most welcome to watch me paint, come for a tutorial (critique), or a painting lesson (for the latter I do charge).

Contact me – I look forward to hearing from you.

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