York Open Studios (Part 2)

York Open Studios, which is running this weekend (20th & 21st April), is a fantastic chance for the public to take a peek at just some of the artistic talent that York has to offer. From studios around the town centre, to artists’ front rooms on the outskirts, there’s plenty of opportunities to visit local artists, designers and craftspeople.

In Part 1 of this feature, I spoke to Penny Phillips and Phil Reynolds at Rogues Atelier Studios, both of whom have participated in York Open Studios in previous years. Last Saturday, I spoke to Linda Combi, whose exhibition is at the New School House Gallery in Peasholme Green, and to Hannah Ostapjuk at Space 109 in Walmgate, who is taking part in the open studios for the first time.

In the video, Hannah talks about her experience so far of York Open Studios, and also describes the chiaroscuro effect that she employs in her portraits.

It’s particularly interesting to see this Renaissance lighting technique being combined with the modern scenes of Hannah’s work; look out in the video for ‘Girls Online’, a piece where the glow of a laptop screen illuminates the room and the subjects.

I also asked Hannah briefly about the role of the arts in York, especially with the closure of Space 109 last month, along with the recent closure of Bar Lane Studios gallery in Micklegate

For more information about York Open Studios, you can check out the website: www.yorkopenstudios.co.uk

And I thoroughly recommend visiting Hannah’s website and Linda’s website for more examples of their work.

Original article and Video by Catherine Munn

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