When I first met Claudia back in 2014 her confidence, within drawing and art, had taken a bit of a knock, she had the skills, the vision and the ideas, just not the self belief.  I spent a few short hours with Claudia, going through her Art Portfolio and listening to her ideas – I wanted to work out why she was feeling lost and what had caused her to doubt her skills.  Sometimes certain individuals (like teachers) that are supposed to help you are actually the ones causing all the problems.  With that sorted, Claudia told me of her plans for University and where she had applied to study and we moved on to looking at how Claudia could improve her Portfolio.  I have a little knowledge of what Universities are looking for within a perspective students application

Claudia practicing 'hair' - drawing technique

Claudia left my studio feeling much more positive about herself, her skills and her future.

Drawing Lesson

In August (2015), Claudia visited my studio again, she wanted to brush up on her drawing skills – with a particular focus on portraits and how to draw people.

Drawing by Claudia I started off with the basics: proportions, we then moved through how to draw eyes, how to draw a nose, and lips – the basic shapes – and what to look for to make the eyes look like that persons eyes.  Next we looked at shading and finally we looked at how to draw hair – I learnt a great technique when teaching myself biro drawing (I applied this technique to my pencil drawings and oil painting and it greatly improved all of my work).

We drew continuously for a number of hours, Claudia showed great dedication and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the final results (see one example to your left).  There was so much to take in but Claudia mastered it all! Well done! It was an absolute pleasure teaching and getting to know you Claudia.

P.S Claudia successfully secured a place at her ‘first choice’ University and is now enjoying her first year as a student.

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