I was ever so pleased to complete a beautiful portrait painting of a York based lady’s Three Daughters.  Every commission is different and it was great that this customer required a portrait very much in the style of my own artist practice and studio work i.e. the lighting effect being a focus of the painting.  Three Daughters - oil on canvas, 2015To explain further, with commissions I am prepared to come out of my comfort zone completely and produce something I wouldn’t ever consider creating for myself – for an exhibition or competition.

The inspiration for this piece came from a previous portrait painting of mine called An Evening Online, my client was particularly taken by this portrait (An Evening Online) which also appears on my business postcard.  The subjects are viewing an old family photo album which created a key focus for the girls and within the portrait.  I really enjoyed painting this album and the wooden chairs.  The lighting gave the portrait a great depth and allowed me to capture the wonderful skin tones you can see here.

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait painting, I outline the process here:

“The first step in commissioning a portrait would be to email or telephone and arrange a time when we could meet to discuss the possibilities (first sitting).

My general approach is to create an artwork in my own style that captures a characteristic likeness and the personality of the sitter(s) – getting to know them a little before commencing in the portrait is desirable to me but not demanded as you may wish for the portrait to be a surprise for those involved”…continue reading: Commission A Portrait



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