Happy New Year from me, portrait painter Hannah Ostapjuk!

I have many exciting things to tell you,

Firstly, I completed ‘A Portrait of Young Destiny’

Portrait Artist Hannah Ostapjuk with A Portrait of Young Destiny

A Portrait of Young Destiny

An oil painting sketched out when my daughter was 6 months old. Kept having to put it to one side to complete commissions and other work. Dated 2016-2020, I begun working on Young Destiny seriously in 2016. The end of 2020 saw me make the decision that it was time to walk away,

“I stood up, put a few highlighting flecks of white on the woollen hood and I said to myself, this is it, it’s time to walk away.”

Art work is never really finished, we just decided to stop, that we have learnt all we can and taken this one as far as we need –

“if you don’t walk away, you’ll mess about with it forever.”

Looking to the Future

An Update

Secondly, I have updated my Galleries: Drawings, Studies, Paintings. More to be added!

Thirdly, social media (my Facebook and Instagram) helped me give this charcoal portrait a title.  The title I chose from those suggested: ‘Looking to the Future’

There were some other wonderful suggestions which I’ve noted for future work.

Visit the galleries to see, ‘A Portrait of Young Destiny’ in full detail and ‘Looking to the Future’ up close and personal.

Finally, I have, taken a big leap of faith and opened an online shop! Too excited! Limited Edition Prints, NEWLY released Artist Poofs, take a look…

Shop: Hannahostapjuk.shop

A specialist portrait artist and figurative painter, I love using oil paint, pencil and graphite and charcoal. A fine artist working professionally for over 13 years.  I can draw or paint anything and am always happy to hear of any project you have in mind so please do, Contact Me

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