This made my day:

An Art Consultant, John Snitch, (whom I met via Twitter) has written a fabulous blog post about my portrait paintings.  The most wonderful thing about what John has to say is the fact that he can see what I am wanting to achieve within my art work – a sense of life.  Not necessarily “realism” but the portrayal of the real person – their personality (and/or the situation) and their emotional state at the time of the portrait.

Here’s an extract from Snitch’s post:An Evening Online

“I may not know much about the artist, but I do know she paints the most fantastic portraits I’ve seen in ages. Hannah has realism down to a fine art, her painting bursting with tension and emotion, you sense immediately a great rapport with the sitter. The work creating a feeling of actually been there when the painting was created in the viewer. That’s about all you need to know”… “I cannot praise Hannah’s work highly enough.”

Read the full Blog Post.


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