Sad to see the New Lights Exhibition come down at The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle.  Such a fantastic show, great range of talent included, and brilliant opportunity for emerging artists like myself.  Through the New Lights Art Prize, I have exhibited work in Harrogate at the Mercer Art Gallery and the UK’s largest commercial gallery (The Biscuit Factory).

Girl in the Flowered Dress was the portrait painting shortlisted to be shown in Newcastle…

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”

…this very much applies to my portraits, capturing the personality of a sitter – their true self – is what I strive for as well as the relationship between the model and I (the artist).  Girl in the Flowered Dress is a self portrait (I don’t paint many) this one cleverly captures subtle and significant characteristics.  I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of reproducing a patterned garment and concentrating on that helped distract me from the fact I was painting a self portrait… Enjoy the images below and I hope to bring more news of exhibitions soon!


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