On Wednesday 16th July I was Guest of Honour at King James School’s year 10 Prizegiving – the high school I attended as a student.  I used to listen intently to the speakers at my Prizegivings and hoped one day that I was notable enough to be asked – here I am and what a wonderful journey it has been!

I took two of my large scale paintings, ‘Beautiful Mind’ and ‘Girls Online’, with me to the ceremony and spoke to the students about how I became an artist, where I am now, and the direction in which I hope to see my artistic career take me.  Thinking about what I needed to hear at that age (13/14 years old): I talked about the charity and voluntary work I do/have done, gave them some general advise i.e. not to give up on their dreams, self belief and working hard, and of course, talked a little about my portrait paintings, achievements, and opportunities and commissions I had received.

Both students, parents, and teachers were wowed by my paintings and speech.

Thank you to the Head Mr C. Sugden and King James School for inviting me.


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