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So here’s a little story for you, roughly six years ago I had this fantastic idea to create a huge portrait project, a project to get my work out there and to get my artistic skills and paintings noticed but I didn’t have a clear idea – I needed a theme.

Moving forward, this idea, this project, was niggling at me all the time at the back of my mind… how could I make it work!? Two, nearly three years ago, I was listening to Jessie J’s music and boom – things started to become a little clearer, the project began to make more sense and a theme started to emerge… but I kept dragging my feet (and I had a few commissions to do – so I made the excuse: I don’t have the time).

June/July 2016 Steven Bartlett pops up on my Facebook feed – interesting.  Over the next couple of months his stuff keeps popping up on my feed, I have liked all the previous posts I have seen but this time I visit his page and bang – there it is: I know the exact theme for my project.  This guy, Steven Bartlett, he’s such an inspiration! The Inspirational People Portrait Series is born.

November 2016, I contact Steven and ask if I can paint him… it all gets a bit lost over Christmas but by January, I have had enough – no more time wasting – Steven I still haven’t had a reply from you, I say (via Snapchat). He replies exceptionally promptly (as always) and 20th February 2017 that’s the date I am given to mYorkshire Artist at Social Chaineet him.  Too soon, I think, no.

Don’t you dare back out now Hannah!

01:00 20/02/17 – I wake to the sound of my poorly little girl.

05:45am – got to get up to drive to Manchester (no worries though as I wasn’t asleep anyway).

08:30am – pull over feeling dreadful, call G, I want to turn back home, no he says, you’ll feel fine when you get there, you’re just nervous (I am not… am I?), he [Steven Bartlett] is a busy guy and you may not get this opportunity again. True. So I plod on.

09:00am – my meeting with Steve is at 10:00am, I am way early (finding parking soon sorts that problem). Yorkshire Artist Meets Steven Bartlett

09:30am – I am there! Social Chain HQ UK

10:00am – Steven Bartlett is here and the rest.. well watch this space and the YouTube Vlog at the bottom of this news article.

I now have a list of people as long as my arm that I wish to paint, people who have really had a positive effect on my work or life, people who have inspired me to make a change, to improve something, or to just be content with being me. Inspirational People, look forward to hearing from me soon (if you haven’t already) and I look forward to painting you.

Do watch the Vlog (below) and do follow Steven Bartlett, I think there is something for everyone in these Vlogs and on his Facebook.

Thanks again, Steve!

Find out what my Inspirational People Portrait Series is all about, I appear at 01:35 and 08:16 within this Vlog:

Let’s get chatting about my new project, hashtag: #InspirationalPeople or #InspirationalPeoplePortraitSeries

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