Yorkshire Artists: Hannah Ostapjuk Paints Portrait Live

It’s the first time I have painted a portrait in public! I have done demos and run art workshops but never worked on my own studio art or commissioned portraits while other artists and the public looked on.  I didn’t really think about it until someone said they were impress with my level of commitment and concentration – it really doesn’t bother me. Come watch, come learn something, I am more than happy to help you out with any painting queries.

How should I sum up the first weekend with Yorkshire Artists at York Open Studios? Fantastic! What a success! Friday we had visitors and a sale, Saturday 75 visitors and more painting and artist greeting card sales, Sunday over 140 visitors and more sales! Julie Lightburn and I are having a ball (one where we talk for 8 hours straight and manage to grab our lunch about 5 pm).  I met some great people, heard many an interesting story, and had some very good comments on my work as well as some extremely helpful constructive criticism – a timely hint so thank you.

Talented Young Artist

Sunday, I met a young lady who was so unbelievably talented that I couldn’t quite fathom why she had come to me for help.  I feel honoured that she did.  Her animal portraits were so realistic you could reach out and touch them.  The beginnings of a pastel portrait of her friend playing the violin was outstanding.  I enjoyed meeting this girl more than I can put in to words but her visit also had a very serious note. Her parents have had to take her out of school because she is being bullied for being so talented (she also plays the flute – currently grade 7).  WHAT. What is wrong with the youth of today.  WHY. Why are you picking on someone who is so nice, so kind, and so amazing at what she does… oh hang on, that’s it isn’t it – she is SO AMAZING at what she does, and you are jealous.  I know, why don’t you stop wasting your time being jealous and try putting in the effort she puts in.  This young lady works on art commissions, she practices her animal, people, and other subject portraits and paintings, and is currently studying towards gaining a Gold Arts Award as well as keeping up with her school work.  Astounding. Yorkshire Artist meets Young Talent

To this young lady: I want to apologise for forgetting your name, my mind was so boggled by the shear amount of talent you possess, and my heart so over come by emotion because of what you have had to put up with that as soon as you left I had to sit down and by the time I got home – it was gone – couldn’t remember your name.  BUT I will never forget your face or our meeting, and if you read this and you ever need help with anything – I am right here.

A note for anyone interested:  I don’t run any workshops at the moment but if you are interested drop me an email, if I get a decent number of people I will certainly look at providing some sooner rather than later.

York Open Studios

Going back to York Open Studios

Don’t worry if you didn’t make it this weekend just gone, we are open this Saturday and Sunday too (25th and 26th April).  I will be continuing painting the portrait of Colonel E. York (previous Vice Lord Lieutenant of North Yorkshire) so do pop in and say hello.  There will again be a wonderful range of tasty home baking to feast on while you view our beautiful landscape and portrait paintings.

If all that still hasn’t tempted you then view the photos taken throughout the first weekend at York Open Studios and then I know you’ll definitely want to be a part of this last weekend – Julie and I look forward to meeting you.

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