CCCH, School of Music, University of LeedsFinally, I can unveil this oil sketch to you, an oil sketch of a building – a first for me and one that I am extremely proud of.  This is the Clothworkers Concert Hall, School of Music, University of Leeds. The sketch was commissioned by The University of Leeds, specifically: Gabrielle Wright (Alumni Relations Assistant), for Gillian – pictured receiving the oil sketch below.

Gabrielle says:

“The Leeds University Old Students Association lunch took place this afternoon. There was a lovely atmosphere as older Leeds alumni met up and exchanged stories about their life today and also what they got up to back in Leeds.

At the end of the lunch Chairman Dr Margaret Bastow silenced the room and then Phil made a short speech to commemorate Gillian’s 15 years of hard work and dedication as secretary or LUOSA. We gave her with a card signed by members of the office and presented her with a very special gift to say thank you. We commissioned alumna Hannah Ostapjuk who is a local painter (she has worked for the University previously since she was commissioned to paint a portrait of VC Michael Arthur in 2014) to paint a new work for Gillian.

This gift allowed us to thank Gillian in a way that is very relevant to her involvement at Leeds, since it is a picture of Gillian receiving the Oil SketchClothworkers Centenary Concert Hall – a nod to her involvement with Friends of University Art and Music. Since Hannah benefitted from alumni funding through the Leeds for Life foundation, it is very fitting that she can use her skills, which she homed in the School of Design, to produce this work of art. Gillian was very pleased with this gift, and with the Royal Opera House gift vouchers the LUOSA members have clubbed together to buy for her. She made a speech outlining her involvement and finishing by listing a few of her favourite LUOSA events –Visiting the Houses of Parliament, the Strasbourg trip, Drax Power Station, and a number of sunny vineyards tours!

Many thanks to Hannah for producing this wonderful painting.”



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