Here it is! The follow on article from Painting Lessons and your first chance, unless you follow me on Facebook, to see Aleksandra’s completed oil painting.  This young artist has done so well!

Our second lesson of 2016, described in my previous post, “We have now moved on to adding the final details to the portrait, Aleksandra completed the right eye today (31/01/16), she will work over the entire painting adding more and more details over the coming weeks until we feel the portrait is finished.”

Aleksandra was now onto working over the entire painting adding more and more detail, this process started on 14/02/16 until she applied the final touches on 01/05/2016… when I say the final touches Aleksandra determinedly worked on the oil portrait for 5 hours until the hair was complete because her teacher – yes, me – had optimisticallyYoung Artist estimated the application of hair would only take 2 hours and Aleksandra does not give up – ever – there was no way I or anyone else was going to persuade her to leave the rest of the hair to another day.  Good attitude though, you need that if you are going to be successful in life never mind to be an artist.

I am really proud of Aleksandra, the final piece is beautiful.  She took on board all my advice and direction and as a result her colour mixing and portrait painting skills have improved. I want to thank her for being a wonderful student, we have had some real laughs and she gave me the kick (not literally) I needed to get myself and my students a new pallet and a new set of brushes – it was just one of those things I kept putting off …until I got a blunt remark and disapproving expression from Aleksandra when I came with my excuses – teenagers are marvellous 🙂

Thank you, I really do mean that, if it weren’t for you I would still be making excuses and using that ghastly wooden pallet.

 Good Luck Aleksandra, I wish you the very best in everything you do.


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